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How to Remain Productive at Work
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How to Remain Productive at Work

Ever had those days at work where no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to motivate yourself? Yes, we can all agree that coffee may be the quick fix. However, it is important to set yourself some ground rules to get you through those sluggish days. So, if you happen to be that person who struggles with staying productive at work, here are some tips to assist you:

Be sure to take breaks

You may believe that a break will only hinder your how productive at work you are, however a short rest can do quite the contrary. Think of it like re-booting your computer, it needs to be done in order to work efficiently and not seize up while you are working on it. If you are only allowed a set amount of time for a break, you can still get up for a quick stretch and walk around to refresh your brain every so often. No matter how busy you may be, eating your lunch at your desk does not necessarily count as a break. You need to unwind properly in order to remain productive, let your mind go astray and think about something other than work tasks.

Manage your time

Managing your time can sometimes be easier said than done. Nonetheless it is extremely vital to maintain a time-savvy routine to successfully organise your tasks. Be flexible. It is healthy to realise that certain tasks may take more time than you expect and that can become increasingly frustrating. Sticking to a schedule will spike just how productive at work you are. Furthermore, it will keep you focused on the task at hand.

Structure your day around your body’s timetable

Everyone’s body clock has a different way of functioning. Some people have higher energy levels in the morning whilst others may become more efficient after lunch. It is important to organise your day based on these tendencies to increase your productivity at work. People have alternative ways of managing their tasks and it is imperative to work with your body’s timetable and not against it. This may mean tackling the complex tasks in the morning while you feel motivated and leaving simple jobs until after lunch when your mood is less energetic.

Use to-do lists

There is a special type of satisfaction when crossing items off a to-do list. It feels like a giant high-five to yourself for being productive. When writing a list of tasks to complete, it is important that you remain realistic. Do not overdo it and write a list three pages long. It is easier to write a new list for each day so that you know what you have accomplished and what still needs to be finished. Keep it succinct and manageable to help you stay on track.

Keep a tidy work environment

We all know how impossible it can be to keep your desk tidy when you have a million folders and sheets of papers sprawled across it and your pens keep disappearing. However, tidying your desk before leaving work provides a clean and fresh start to the next day. If your desk is messy, it can be frustrating to locate certain items and more often than not consumes a lot of your time. Perhaps you could use labels and desk organisers to separate all of your paraphernalia. Remember: a tidy desk encourages a tidy mind!!

Say goodbye to distractions

People are consistently monitoring their social media networks, which is why many businesses do not allow the use of these platforms at work. It is not exactly necessary or beneficial to a workplace and therefore reduces productivity. So, say goodbye to intermittent scrolling on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. If you find yourself constantly distracted by social media, it is advised you keep all Internet browsers closed unless needed for work purposes. Perhaps you may need to disconnect the Internet from your mobile for use only during breaks. The less access you have to social media apps, the more productive you will find yourself.


Use these tips to help make yourself that bit more productive at work.

And try to work smarter, not harder.

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