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Biometric face verification time clock system

Make time theft a thing of the past with our powerful face verification technology.

Eliminate time theft with biometric verification

Roubler’s biometric facial verification technology helps you eliminate time theft forever. This sophisticated software uses advanced AI to ensure the correct employee is clocking in and out of their shift, by capturing a photograph of the employee and comparing it to those already stored in their staff profile.

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Save thousands of dollars on time theft

Time theft is a huge financial burden on employers, with the average employer paying their staff many thousands of dollars a year for hours they did not actually work. Imagine this: an employee is running late for their shift, so asks their friend to clock in for them. The next day another team member does the same. Every extra 15 minutes quickly adds up, with the average employer paying their team for 4.5 hours a week that they did not actually work.

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Prevent buddy punching with facial verification

Our accurate and reliable facial verification feature means there is no longer any opportunity for team members to “buddy punch”, or clock in or out on behalf of their workmates. This means employees will only get paid for the hours they have actually worked, and prevents them from skipping out on part of a shift.

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