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Employees can view their personalised information and make updates at anytime through their Roubler employee profile page. Greater employee self-sufficiency reduces double-handling of information, alleviates your administrative workload and reduces the risk of errors.

  • Access details anytime
  • Update bank details
  • Lodge leave requests
  • Up-to-date licence info
  • Update tax and super
  • Drag and drop your existing workforce’s details
  • Completely paperless
  • Eliminate double-handling

Select-service features

Access details anytime

Through their profile page, employees can view their rosters, update their personal and payroll details, view earnings, access payroll information and history, download payslips, update tickets, licenses, qualifications and receive live job offers. Direct employee access to Roubler saves you time and reduces paperwork.

Update bank details

Employees can access their bank details at any time and manage changes themselves.

Lodge leave requests

Employees can view their leave balances and request leave through Roubler. Leave requests are automatically sent to the relevant supervisor and once approved, is recorded into Roubler’s system to ensure that rosters incorporate leave periods.

Up-to-date licence info

Employees can record their relevant licences and certifications through Roubler. You’ll also be notified if they expire, which is Roubler’s way of ensuring your employees are always qualified for the job.

Update tax and super

Employees can access their tax and super details at any time and manage changes themselves.

Drag and drop your existing workforce’s details

Bring your existing workforce over to Roubler’s platform using drag and drop functionality. Roubler then auto-fills employee information into the relevant fields. Any missing information can be updated by the employee themselves through their profile page.

Completely paperless

Roubler’s employee self service and end-to-end platform is completely paperless as all information is collected online.

Eliminate double-handling

Roubler intuitively pre-populates its database based on the information provided in resumes and sources any missing details directly from the employee. This feature completely eliminates your manual, data entry workload.

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