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Accurate & On time Outsourced Managed Payroll Australia

Roubler’s core business is payroll. We understand that an on time, accurate and secure payroll is mission critical to your business. Remain in complete control of your payroll whilst outsourcing the administration burden and leverage the world class cloud based payroll technology solution.

Roubler does not offshore the processing and has a team of highly experienced and dedicated payroll managers located in Australia. Save time, reduce your costs and have peace of mind that you will remain compliant with your payroll.

Employee Self Service

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Cost Effective & Fully Managed Solutions

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Flexible Payroll Reporting

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Payroll and Modern Award Interpretation Compliance

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Some Key Features for Roubler’s Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Governance

  • Ensure full compliance
  • Provides independent payroll audit and quality reviews

OnShore Payroll Team

  • All payroll processing completed in Australia
  • Backed by a team of local software developers
  • Reduce Risk
  • Save Time & Money
  • Expert, efficient, on time payroll


  • Roubler is changing the way workforces are managed and paid globally
  • Operates across 21 countries and growing

Cloud Based Payroll Software

  • Roubler’s secure and cloud based software supports large and small payroll
  • Employee payroll self service

Statutory Payroll Compliance

  • Terminations and redundancy payroll calculations
  • PAYG & Payroll Tax
  • Leave Accrual and calculation
  • Management of end of year payroll requirements and processing
  • Cost centre and departmental payroll allocations
  • Superannuation management

Realise the benefits of outsourcing with roubler payroll