Compliance and auditing are built into our software. We support your managers to help them roster and pay staff compliantly and give you full visibility of pay transactions. With Roubler, you can go beyond simply managing your workforce to running a more compliant business.

‘Always on’, proactive compliance support.

Our in-built tools give you compliance support with no adverse impact on performance or additional work required.

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Be permanently prepared for compliance auditing.

Spend less time preparing for audits, and more time on strategic initiatives with easy to use reporting and in-built audit controls.

  • Quickly collect electronic workforce data on qualifications, awards, employment type and other IR measures.
  • Run payroll and journal reports in minutes.

Easily govern internal processes.

Our platform allows you to track activity and implement workflows to ensure compliance with Fair Work rules and internal processes.

  • Capture audit trails for all approvals and transaction activity.
  • Easily retrieve data and run reports on processed transactions and tasks.
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Comprehensive data security comes standard.

With Roubler, you get built-in security controls.

  • Easily set permission controls for different user levels to reduce risk of data breaches and unauthorised, non-compliant actions.
  • Benefit from Auth0 – the industry standard for user authentication and authorisation technology and is the most robust security platform of its type available. Roubler uses this product to manage user security, including single sign-on.

Discover more about our security measures.

Safeguard data integrity.

With one database – a single source of truth – and no data entry or transfers required, it is simple to maintain data integrity and reliability. You can be more efficient in your compliance and audit processes with one code-base that spans all Roubler applications.

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