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Seamless KeyPay integration with Australia‘s
best all-in-one HR & payroll system.

Roubler’s all-in-one HR system automates employee onboarding,
rostering, time and attendance, leave management and payroll with KeyPay online payroll software.

Roubler – your complete workforce management solution

Roubler is an all-in-one HR and payroll software that streamlines the entire HR and employment lifecycle. Roubler offers employers:

  • Job-posting, applicant tracking, candidate assessment and talent engagement capabilities via our Scout Talent recruitment integration.
  • A completely paperless and fully customisable onboarding process helps new hires arrive ready to work on their first shift.
  • Intelligent rostering which uses leave and unavailability data as well as our auto-rostering functionality to create rosters quickly while delivering costing and efficiency information.
  • An inbuilt timeclock system which feeds data to time and attendance software that automatically calculates any combination of time rates.
  • Complete leave management functionality combined with employee self service capability via Roubler’s mobile app, available in both iOS and Android.
  • 100% compliant payroll software with Single Touch Payroll reporting, synchronised with Roubler’s time and attendance and leave management features.
  • E-learning capability with GO1s easy-to-use LMS for customised courses and over 1000 ready-to-deliver programmes.
  • Multi-site management capability for large operations to give leaders a view of the whole business.
  • Document storage and sending capability via Roubler’s Document Library

Roubler consolidates all your HR and workforce management functions into one easy to use, cloud-based platform, reducing administrative burden and giving you greater flexibility and control of your workforce in real time.

“Roubler works really well for us. The fact that it’s one app, and all aspects are combined into that one app, from rostering to staffing to our staff logons – it just makes it so much easier for us to be able to find our information, and process our information all in one place. It cuts down on our wasted time, and allows us to focus on really driving the business, which is a key part of what we need to do.”

Joel McDermott, Manager at Potts Point Hotel and Roubler customer

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About KeyPay

KeyPay online allows employers to easily manage the end to end process of employment by providing tools that save time, promote compliance, empower employees and show real time costs. KeyPay automates manual calculations and compliance checks o you can focus on pay runs.


  • KeyPay online’s conditions engine allows you to create and manage your own unique set of pay rules to automate conditions such as allowances, penalties, overtime, and rostered days off.
  • KeyPay online provides you with real-time insights into the operating costs of your business with a library of reports on pay runs, superannuation, PAYG and more.
  • An extensive library of modern awards helps you automate payroll and removes the need for complex manual interpretation.
  • KeyPay automatically and securely reports payroll information to the ATO via inbuilt Single Touch Payroll reporting.


“The best system I’ve ever used. You can just rely on KeyPay and know that your employees are being paid correctly.”
James Cassidy, 99 Bikes

Why integrate Roubler HR Software and KeyPay?

Roubler HR and workforce management software and KeyPay integrate seamlessly. Here are just some of the ways that the Roubler and KeyPay integration can help you streamline and automate HR processes:

  • Roubler has chosen to work with KeyPay as they are the most comprehensive, online payroll engine available, taking on the ‘heavy lifting’ of award interpretation, payroll rules and Single Touch Payroll reporting.
  • KeyPay works from within Roubler – no need to open and sign-in to separate applications.
  • Roubler’s time and attendance and leave management data will automatically be synchronised into the payroll engine so there is no need for a separate data transfer or data entry.
  • Employee data is synchronised between Roubler and KeyPay, meaning that your employee data is always accurate and up to date without the need for manual intervention.

Roubler & KeyPay integration FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Roubler and KeyPay Integration. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Do I need a separate KeyPay account?

No. If you choose to include the Payroll feature in your Roubler package you will automatically be set up with KeyPay. It will be white-labelled to reflect your company’s brand.

How do I access KeyPay when I’m signed in to Roubler?

Simply log in and click on the ‘Payroll’ tile on the main dashboard or select the currency icon from the vertical menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

What payroll data can I see from in the employee profile?

  • Bank details
  • Superannuation details
  • TFN details
  • Payroll information
  • Payroll and payslip history
  • Leave balances

Can I import data from another system into KeyPay?

Yes, Roubler and KeyPay have built a number of importing tools that can assist with the migration of data from 3rd party systems very easy and accurate!

Is the information that flows between KeyPay and Roubler secure?

Yes. We utilise SSL security – the industry standard – for all data communications between Roubler and our integration partners. All data is kept secure and segregated with encryption keys.