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Why shift to roubler ?
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Australia’s Leading Workforce Management, HR & Payroll Software

Welcome to the future of shift based workforce management. Our Australian based HR & payroll software is the only platform servicing the full employment lifecycle from onboarding, rostering, time & attendance with a self managed or outsourced payroll system option.

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Our fully customisable ATS & onboarding system allows new team members to be onboarded with ease and eliminate data entry forever!


Fully Costed Employee Schedules. Create and publish schedules in minutes.


Capture the start and end of shifts and seamlessly review and approve employee timesheets ready for payroll.


Roubler payroll is our core business. Significant investment in technology and innovation. Make payroll simple with one fully integrated or outsource to Roubler.
End to End Features
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One System.

See how roubler combines every aspect of HR & payroll into one seamless cloudbased system for simplier workforce management and better business and employee performance.
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hire. schedule. manage. pay.

Recruitment & Job Posting

With one click, Roubler’s recruitment and job posting software will automatically search within your exclusive talent pool and post your job across multiple free and premium job boards in Australia and worldwide to capture the attention of hundreds of relevant job seekers. Learn more
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Automatically Assess Candidate Suitability Roubler provides the best applicant tracking system as part of a fully integrated all-in-one HR software platform. Roubler automatically assesses, shortlists and ranks which applicants are most suitable for your specific HR and workforce requirements.

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Customisable Employee Onboarding

Roubler provides a fully customisable and completely paperless employee onboarding system.

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Employee Scheduling

Access, create and manage your roster from any mobile device. Roubler has completely streamlined and automated the way you schedule.

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Accurate Time & Attendance

Roubler’s online time and attendance software automatically calculates any combination of time rates, overtime, complex arrangements such as higher duties or split shifts, leave entitlements, superannuation and other industry-specific provisions, with complete modern award compliance. Learn more
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In-depth Workforce Performance Analytics

Roubler provides valuable dashboard filled with insights and key analytics on staff turnover, lateness, safety incidents, unplanned absenteeism, overtime, skill requirements and shift management.

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Australian Payroll Software

Roubler’s options of a self managed or outsourced fully managed payroll solution is Australia's most secure, accurate and reliable onshore payroll software provider. Ensure your payroll is compliant, easy to use and accurate with Roubler. Learn more
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One simply easy to use HR Software

The Roubler HR software system provides you paperless Onboarding, Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance and Payroll software all in the one cloud based software platform.

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Australia's Best Award Interpretation Software

Roubler's award interpretation software, providing you real time costings and visually displaying the costs as you drag and drop to build your roster. Reduce compliance risk and administrative burden navigating your FWA Modern Award or Enterprise Agreement.

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Fully Managed Outsourced Payroll

We understand the importance of technology to streamline payroll. Your dedicated Australian based payroll manager will be available for your every request, supported by our innovative and leading payroll self help mobile technology.

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Employee self-service HR Software

Employees can view and update their personalised information, accept shifts and schedules, view payroll information and pay advice, mobile time clock and much more. Greater employee self-sufficiency reduces double-handling of information, significantly reduces your HR administrative workload and reduces the risk of errors.

After more than a decade of building and managing a workforce management business in Australia, hiring tens of thousands of employees, managing millions of timesheets and hundreds of millions in wages servicing shift based workforces, I can see the change needed in HR technology and this is the platform that will get us there.