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Roubler’s HRIS system makes hiring easy with automated job posting, applicant tracking and management. The job posting and recruitment feature includes your own mobile friendly careers page and integrated to all the major job boards throughout United Kingdom.

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Post job ads and manage candidates with sophisticated recruitment software.
  • Careers Page

    Build and create your own branded careers or HR page which automatically updates a change is made in your HRIS system.

  • Job Posting

    The all in one HRIS system includes job posting software connected to over 1500 job boards in United Kingdom and worldwide.

  • HRM Talent CRM

    Make proactive recruitment a priority and build an exclusive “ready in time” talent pool.


Automate and streamline new employee onboarding through the all-in-one Roubler HRIS system. Eliminate paperwork and data entry for new employees with our fully customised onboarding system. Your new starters will arrive that their first shift, paperwork completed and ready to start work.

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three mobile device with screenshots of roubler interface
  • Letters of offer

    Electronically send letters of offer pre-populated with the position pay rates and payroll conditions.

  • Customised Induction

    Fully customised induction and onboarding process and provide information on OH&S, pre start tasks, delivery route, a new menu, policies and more.

  • Payroll, Tax & Super Compliance

    Have your candidates enter their own payroll and tax declaration information in their own time.

  • Paperless Onboarding

    Eliminate the administrative burden with new employees and eliminate paperwork.

  • Employment Contracts

    Upload your own employment contracts, policies and procedures. Have your new hires accept online in seconds.

  • Complete Audit Trail

    Each step of the onboarding process is managed through the all-in-one HRIS system allowing for complete traceability and timestamping.

Employee Scheduling Software

Roubler’s intelligent and sophisticated employee scheduling system is at the centre of the all-in-one HRIS system. Inbuilt costings, labour forecasting and our automated rostering functionality which matches employees skills and availability and automatically creates your roster in seconds

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A fully costed, compliant employee roster/schedule is created in minutes.
  • Automated Scheduling

    Roster with one click. Our intelligent rostering system assesses the most suitable employee based on skills, availability and performance to each shift.

  • Multi-site Scheduling

    Running multiple sites, a franchise system or division based operations, visibility across all locations anytime, anywhere on any device.

  • Labour Forecasting & Costings

    Full award and pay rules interpretation allowing for instant labour forecasting and costings as you simply drag and drop your employees into the roster.

  • Communication

    Instantly message employees of upcoming shifts, changes based on individuals, groups or whole of workforce from your PC, mobile or tablet.

  • Mobile Scheduling App

    Access, create and manage your roster from any mobile device. Employees have access to manage their availability, payroll information, changes and much more.

  • Award Interpretation

    Full award interpretation as you build your roster. Have complete understanding of your true labour costs.

Time & Attendance Software

Time & attendance has never been easier. Roubler’s HRIS system includes facial recognition and login based time clock software. Roubler’s all-in-one design ensures no more slow integrations or transferring data. T&A data is automatically pushed to payroll for approval and processing.

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Capturing the start and end of shifts through Roubler's tablet time clock or web app.
  • Live Time & Attendance Feed

    View the pulse of your workforce in real time on your HRIS dashboard. Clock ins & outs, who is on a breaks, no shows and much more.

  • Mobile Time Clock

    Mobile time clock app available on any iOS and android tablet device.

  • Automatic Payroll Sync

    All-in-one system allows for the automatic transfer of T&A data direct into the payroll system ready for approval and processing.

  • Communication

    Build and create your own branded careers or HR page which automatically updates a change is made in your HRIS system.

  • No More Exports

    No longer do you have to worry about slow API’s and exporting T&A data for payroll processing.

  • Facial recognition

    Roubler’s machine learning based facial recognition technology eliminates time theft and provides peace of mind.

Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service (ESS) is central to the automated and systemisation approach of the all-in-one HRIS allowing candidates to enter and manage their own profiles, schedules, payroll information, communication tools and much more. Reduce double handling of information and associated human errors.

Employee Self Service (ESS) System
Employees can manage their details, pay and schedules from their mobile phone.
  • Employee Profile

    Employees can enter, edit and change their own details from their mobile device using the ESS.

  • Bank Details

    Allow employees enter and manage their bank details using their ESS mobile app Tax Declaration & Superannuation. Employees can manage their Taxation requirements directly in the system. No double handling.

  • Employee Calendar

    Each employee has their personal work calendar providing a view of leave, unavailability, rostered shifts.

  • Pay slips

    Employees can download, view and email their payroll advice and pay slips direct from Roubler.

  • Employee Leave Management

    Roubler’s ESS allows employees to submit leave requests, management can view a calendar and automatically notify the employee.

  • Tickets & Licenses

    Employees can upload additional tickets and licenses through the employee self service portal.

E-Learning Software

Access thousands of online e-learning courses through the HRIS learning management system. “The Learning Academy” allows employers to set in house training courses and deliver them through the LMS or choose from prebuilt courses on line. Set learning goals & tasks and measure performance and outcomes.

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Choose from 1000s of e-learning courses hosted on the GO1 platform & accessed from within Roubler
  • Access Thousands of Courses

    Access thousands of prebuilt e-learning courses through the LMS software.

  • Build your own courses

    The Roubler e-learning software hosts a flexible and easy to use course creation tool.

  • Live Reporting Tool

    Track and report on compliance, course completion and opens and other e-learning analytics.

  • Mobile E-learning

    Employees can access and complete courses on any iOS and android device.

Payroll Software

Roubler is the only HRIS system with full employee management & payroll in an all-in-one solution. Access the power, efficiencies, cost savings and automation available from controlling the entire employment lifecycle in one HRIS system.

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The pay now screen of Roubler's fully compliant payroll software
  • One System

    No more double handling or importing time & attendance data from multiple system.

  • Pay Conditions Engine

    Automate your payroll with automated pay conditions engine. Simply approve the T&A data and Roubler takes care of the all calculations.

  • Flexible and Comprehensive Reporting

    Access Roubler’s comprehensive reporting suite available to allow informed and calculated decisions.

  • Modern Award Interpretation

    Sophisticated Modern Award interpretation engine across all United Kingdom modern awards.

  • Employee Self Service

    Allow employees to access and update pay slips, employee profile, tax and other payroll information.

HR Mobile App

Roubler’s free HR app available on both iOS and android gives control and access anywhere, anytime. Truly enable employee self service on the go and stay connected with your workforce with great in app communication tools. Get access to real time HR analytics on any device. Employers and Employees can update availability, shift information and view payroll information plus much more.

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The dashboard of the Roubler Employee Self Service Mobile App
  • Staff Directory

    Access employee phone numbers, emails, staff profiles, leave and much more from your mobile device.

  • Stay in Sync

    Instant access to employee schedules, live HR information feeds and analytics.

  • Leave management

    Employees can receive and manage leave requests with instant and automated communication.

  • Employee Scheduling on the go

    View, manage and submit employee schedules on your mobile app. Employees can view, accept & reject shifts.

  • Employee Engagement

    Drive better employee engagement and effective communication throughout the workforce.

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