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Roubler integrates with Talenox

Ensure staff are paid accurately with sophisticated payroll software that speaks to your
workforce management system.

End-to-end workforce management with
payroll software

The partnership between Roubler and Talenox provides seamless access between best-in-class workforce management software and payroll software.

This integration enables Roubler users to import your staff’s timesheet directly into Talenox for faster and more accurate payroll processing, helping eliminate data-entry errors and ensure your staff are paid accurately.

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What is Talenox?

Talenox is a cloud-based payroll and leave management software. It offers a completely centralised system that integrates profiles, payroll and leave seamlessly. It’s a very simple and user-friendly solution.

Talenox is always up-to-date with the latest Employment Act and Labour Law changes, across the various different markets in which they operate.

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Sync data from Roubler to Talenox

Roubler’s integration allows you to sync employee data through to Talenox payroll with a single sign-on.

Data flows seamlessly from Roubler’s time and attendance and rostering system to Talenox’s payroll, making it easy to pay your staff accurately and on time.

“We were trying to manage our workforce with several systems that didn’t talk to each other. Roubler brings everything together seamlessly.”


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