Employee Overtime Policy Template

Employee Overtime Policy Template

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The purpose of this policy is to establish clear procedures and guidelines for the recognition of additional hours worked during excessively busy periods or for frequent travel for work purposes which requires an employee to spend weekends away from home.

As salaried employees, and given the nature of the work we perform, there will always be times when working extra hours will be required to ensure that certain tasks can be completed.  While this is considered to be a normal and reasonable expectation for employees, there will be some occasions where an employee may be required to work excessive hours, and in these circumstances, employees may be eligible for paid overtime or time TIL. All team managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees receive the appropriate level of work/life balance to ensure that our organisational culture is supported.

Staff overtime policy template download includes:

  • Overtime Policies
  • The purpose of overtime policies
  • Eligibility for overtime
  • Approval for overtime
  • Time in lieu
  • Employees effected by overtime
  • Additional contributions
  • Establish clear procedures for overtime
  • Payment of overtime
  • Overtime documentation
  • What is considered excessive overtime
Employee Overtime Policy Template