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Job Description – Cashier

Cashier Job Description

Download Roubler’s Cashier Job Description template below.

This cashier job description template is designed for you to use when hiring a new cashier for your company. The cashier role template is perfect for uploading to online job sites and careers pages, and can be customised to reflect the specific requirements of your business. In this template, we detail a role outline for a cashier, as well as key duties and responsibilities, and required skills. We’ve left a space for you to give some information about your company, as well a place to provide your best contact details. Find the perfect cashier for your company today by using this helpful tool. Download the job description outline below to tailor to your company’s requirements.


cashier job description


Our company is seeking a reliable and efficient cashier to process cash and EFTPOS transactions at our store. We need an employee who will be able to confidently operate in accordance to all company policies and procedures. The successful applicant will play a crucial role in maintaining customer satisfaction levels, and growing our revenue margins. The responsibilities and duties of the cashier will include, but are not limited to, welcoming customers into the store, keeping the shop floor in a neat and clean manner, processing transactions, and keeping reports of said transactions.


The successful applicant will carry out the following duties and responsibilities every shift:

  • Process cash and EFTPOS transactions using cash registers and POS system, involving scanning items and collecting payment
  • Issuing receipts to customers
  • Providing refunds or exchanges when legally required to do so
  • Handle customer complaints, feedback and queries in a polite and appropriate manner that reflects well on the business
  • Be well-informed on all products stocked in store
  • Recommend products suited to the customers’ needs
  • Cross-sell products to customers, and introduce newly released products
  • Greet each customer in a friendly and polite manner
  • Ensure the shop floor is always clean and tidy, as well as the point of sale area
  • Maintain records of transactions
  • Package purchases neatly in bags or boxes
  • Provide stellar customer service to all shoppers
  • Open and close the register, counting the float and banking the profits


The successful applicant will have the following experience and skills:

  • A preferred years’ experience in the retail sector, working as a cashier or salesperson
  • Working knowledge of POS systems including cash registers, PCs, money counters, and scanners
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Strong communicative skills
  • An enthusiasm for customer satisfaction
  • Basic mathematical skills for till counting
  • Proven ability to thrive in a sales-based environment
  • A high school certificate

Please provide a full cover letter and resume to the manager to be considered for this role.


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