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Outsourced Payroll Services Sydney

Outsourced Payroll Services for Sydney Employers

Roubler’s end-to-end workforce management software and onshore payroll outsourcing service will completely streamline your business. Roubler’s HR software will recruit the perfect new employee, onboard them with ease, create rosters, manage their leave and track time and attendance. At the same time, our Brisbane-based, managed payroll team servicing Sydney will ensure all of your pay runs are 100% compliant.


Automatic Wage Calculation

Roubler’s payroll outsourcing software automatically calculates the correct award rates for each of your employees – regardless of industry, or award. Save mammoth amounts of time, and feel confident that every employee of your business is paid accurately every time.

Expense Management

Streamline and go paperless with Roubler’s online onboarding feature. No more data entry and mistakes. Have your new employees onboarded before the arrive to work with our fully customised online onboarding.

Leave Management

Manage the leave of all your organisation’s employees with just one login on our software. Program custom accrual entitlements, allow certain leave categories on a per employee basis, and enter what pay categories should or shouldn’t accrue leave.

Reporting Suite

As specialists in payroll outsourcing, Roubler’s payroll software caters for a large variety of reporting options, explicitly tailored to your company necessities.

Time and Attendance

Employees at your business can log in to their portal through any web enabled device and create timesheets based on units produced, hours worked or start and finish times. Managers will then be notified so they can review and finalise the timesheet, and sync it with the payroll software.

Accurate Award Compliance

Roubler’s payroll service is completely modern award compliant. Payroll outsourcing has never been more streamlined as our intelligent software automatically updates award terms and conditions, and federal wage changes.

Employee Self Service

Increase efficiency and reduce errors as with employee self service as part of our payroll software. Employees are allowed to access, manage and update their own pay details, leave requests, timesheets, expenses and more, all from their mobile phone or PC.

“With Roubler, the payroll is quick, and accurate, and award-compliant without me being involved. I have full control and visibility in the palm of my hands, which has been a really positive change in my day-to-day. It’s just one system, one sign-on, one place to go to manage my entire workforce with fully outsourced payroll service.”

– Chris Jolliffe, General Manager/Licensee at Potts Point Hotel. Sydney, Australia.

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