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Time and attendance software

HR Glossary

Time and attendance software

For shift-based workplaces, time and attendance software is crucial to ensure that employees are remunerated correctly, award compliance is achieved, and time theft is avoided. Time and attendance software refers to programs which allow employees to track the hours worked during each shift. Intelligent time and attendance software will have the integrated ability to seamlessly calculate overtime and complex arrangements like split shifts, or higher duties, superannuation, leave, and more. Other features of new T&A software include GPS monitoring, government regulation updates, scheduling tools, and creation of detailed labour data.

When selecting the best time and attendance software for your business, there are a few things that you should keep an eye out for:

Ease: an excellent T&A software will be easy to navigate and almost intuitive for employees to adopt.

Flexibility: the best software will be accessible over several interfaces, including mobile and PC.

Accuracy: the system you chose will need an inbuilt time clock that will only allow employees to claim scheduled hours worked – not extra.

Integration: your chosen software should be compatible with other systems you have in place.

All-in-one: the very best T&A on the market today will offer the option of end-to-end workforce management.

Roubler’s time and attendance software features a live feed of attendance with an inbuilt time clock to instantly record clock in/out data. This means no more paying for hours that were rostered but not actually worked. All time and attendance data is automatically transferred to Roubler’s in-built payroll, ensuring ease and accuracy of pay every time.

Roubler automatically integrates any Fair Work Australia award updates free of charge, freeing you from the worry of staying up-to-date on legislative changes, so you can focus on managing your workforce.

For more on selecting the best time and attendance software for your business, read our guide here.

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