Reporting suite

A reporting suite refers to the reporting tool offered by HR and payroll software. Each business requires different records and reports to be generated from their payroll and general employee management. A reporting suite can create tailored reports on, for example, monthly wages, annual income, performance across a fortnight, or employee lateness. Reporting suites are generally an integrated feature of all reliable HR and payroll software. The best software will offer tailored reporting options that reflect your business’s needs.

Keeping accurate and derailed records is essential, and be able to quickly generate a report on whatever you need is crucial. Reporting suites generally offer the below features:

  • Performance report: A report which details the performance of still in real time, or over a certain period. These kinds of reports are vital resources for managers who are trying to grow a business, and need to see which employees are working efficiently and productively, and which aren’t.
  • Income report: A report that details your revenue over a specific period. Many HR software are compatible with POS software or other financial trackers. As a result, they will be able to generate reports reflecting incoming funds for the day, week, month or year.
  • Payroll report: This report identifies your payroll activity for a certain period. It will identify your wage costings, and can even compare them to your income levels.
  • Job ad report: This report provides detailed feedback on applicants to your job ad. An excellent reporting suite will even be able to show you if an applicant is a good match for your workplace.

A reporting suite comes as an integrated feature of Roubler’s workforce management software. Roubler understands that each business will need unique reporting arrangements. That’s why we offer a diverse range of tailored real time, flexible reporting options. Operate your business with complete visibility, and always be able to track where funds and resources are going.