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Performance management software

HR Glossary

Performance management software

It’s more important than ever to ensure that all of your staff are giving their best performance to your business. Industries are becoming increasingly competitive as global companies enter the market. That’s where performance management software can help your business. Performance management software refers to applications or programs that allow managers to track and optimise the efficiency of staff members, both individually and as a whole workforce. When implemented effectively, this kind of software contributes to boosting a company’s profitability.

Annual performance reviews are typically dreaded by managers and employees alike. Research has shown that when a performance review deadline is drawing near, employees will adjust their behaviour accordingly. Hence, it is harder as a manager to successfully gage their typical work habits. When it comes time for the review, managers are forced to rehash a whole year’s performance in a half an hour period. It’s common for employees to put their guard up during a performance assessment, and become less likely to take feedback on board. Performance management software offers a way around this. Instead of having to discuss a year’s work in one gruelling session, performance management software allows managers to track each employee’s achievements at all times. This way, feedback can be administered when it’s needed as opposed to at a scheduled time. It also allows managers to have easy access to tangible data and metric regarding performance. Feedback is much easier to take on board as an employee when it’s easy to see exactly where the feedback is coming from.

Roubler lets you track, analyse and evaluate how your workforce is performing in real time. Our tool allows you to rank your employee’s present and past performance, and identifies your current top performers. Easily discover who isn’t working to their maximum potential so you can address the issue ASAP and have your workforce back to running at 100%.

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