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Payroll software service

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Payroll software service

Payroll refers to the regular payment of employee wages. However, there is much more detailed nuances to payroll. It requires handling industrial relation and statutory compliance, recordkeeping, and data security, as well as the completion of employee remuneration. Australia has a very complex regulatory environment which sees each industry have a unique set of payroll requirements. There are 122 unique modern awards that detail how employees across various field should be paid. Payroll software and services are designed to take the hassle out of handling these various tasks.

However, choosing the best payroll system or service for your business is crucial to ensuring your business is running at its optimal efficiency and profitability. Some of the things to look out for when choosing the best payroll software or service for your business are:

Highly experienced payroll officers: your payroll accuracy is crucial to the wellbeing of your business, so ensure that the outsourced payroll officers you’re employing are experienced in their field.

Industry-based knowledge and solutions: awards and best practice vary via industry, so make sure the payroll service you select specialises in your industry of operation.

Intelligent, self-service technology: payroll solutions should simplify your workload, so keep an eye out for paperless, cloud-based systems with employee self-service. These will massively streamline your administrative workload.

An easily contactable, on-shore team: it’s normal to have questions about your payroll, so it’s best that the payroll service you choose is actually easily contactable.

Full transparency: you should be allowed to view the details of every pay run, so that you can keep your service accountable as well as on top of employee wage costs. Flexible reporting options are crucial too.

Complete modern award compliance: it’s an absolute must that your payroll software or service be up-to-date with modern award compliance, otherwise you risk massive fines, backpay, and negative media attention.

Ability for third party software integration: make sure that your new software is compatible with any others that you need to run, such as point-of-sale.

All-in-one: the most effective payroll software does more than just payroll! All-in-one or end-to-end HR software services more than just pay, and can feature recruitment and onboarding tools, scheduling and time and attendance tracking, and even performance management.

Roubler offers a completely integrated payroll system as part of its all-in-one software. Roubler has over 15 years’ experience managing payroll in Australia. Our payroll service is secure, accurate, on-time and always complaint with modern award regulations

For more on choosing the right payroll service or software, read our detailed guide here.

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