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Employee scheduling software

HR Glossary

Employee scheduling software

As trading hours extend in many industries, and staff are employed in more than one job, rostering can become quite the challenge. If you’re operating more than one site within your business, this only adds to the complexity of crafting the perfect roster. Scheduling, or rostering software is designed to address such problems. Scheduling software refers to platforms designed to streamline the rostering and scheduling process. Scheduling software can auto-create a roster for your business, taking into account the unavailability of your staff, and your wage costs. Some intelligent scheduling software can even take into account the efficiencies of your staff to create a roster that will encourage maximum productivity.

Rostering software is a win for employees and managers alike. When both employers and staff can access a rostering software, it is much easier to communicate shifts and availability. By logging into a scheduling software, employees can submit the days the can, and can’t work, for the coming weeks or months. The software will then take this into account when generating a roster. Employers can access this data as well. Employees are then sent a notification that a new roster is available, and can check it any time they wish. Never have staff forget a shift.

Roubler’s scheduling platform is the smarter way to roster staff for the best levels of engagement. With an inbuilt costing function, your business will have on-demand and precise labour forecasts 24/7. You simply drag and drop staff into your roster with the swipe of your screen, on any device any time. Employees will always know when their next shift is rostered, and if someone can’t complete a shift, schedule another staff member in minutes. Roubler also caters for multi-site scheduling for franchise owners or companies that work over several sites. Roubler will ensure you are always allocating the resources to the areas of highest demand, making the most of every cent.

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