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Employee recruitment software

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Employee recruitment software

Hiring an employee isn’t an easy process. Selecting the right employee, and onboarding them into your workplace requires a great amount of time, resources, and money. Hence, you need every new hire to the perfect fit. Recruitment is the first step in the process of finding that perfect employee who will get the job done well. However, in an increasingly time poor workforce, it can be difficult to find the time to read the hundreds, or even thousands, of resumes submitted. That’s where recruitment software can be a huge help to your workforce. Employee recruitment software ensures you have access to the very best pool of potential candidates, and finds you the very best hire for your company every time, without spending hours reading applications.

Roubler will help you generate a custom job advertisement that reflects both the role you’re trying to fill, as well as your company’s values and culture. Then, our system will post your job ad across several job sites so that you can access the best possible pool of potential employees for the role.

Roubler evaluates, shortlists and grades applicants based on your specific workplace and HR needs. You can link Roubler directly to your job ad or company careers page, and have all applications directed into the one program. Roubler will then examine each application and analyse the skills, experience and personality traits of each candidate against your criteria. Find the perfect hire every time.

However, it’s more than just an applicant tracking system. Roubler’s intelligent machine learning algorithm will keep collecting data during the employment cycle to determine what employee attributes work the best for your business, and which don’t. For future hires, Roubler will give each candidate a suitability percentage. So, you only need to focus on the top 10% of applicants. Never waste time again sifting through email applications.

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