Applicant tracking software

With an abundance of job posting sites, and an increase in people actively seeking employment in Australia, it can be difficult to pick the perfect new employee for your business from the crowd. Furthermore, managers are expected to do more with less time and resources available, so they don’t have hours to spare for recruitment and applicant assessing. If you’re in a high traffic field such as Information Technology, each job application posted could garner hundreds, or even thousands of applications. Applicant tracking software (ATS) is intended to assist with that. Applicant tracking software automate the entire process of recruitment and onboarding. They are programs designed to screen candidates applying for a certain role or position. It allows employers to better examine the applicants for an open position by using intelligent algorithms to rank potential employees. Some applicant tracking software actually pinpoint if an potential employee will be a good cultural fit for your workplace.

When implemented correctly, a good applicant tracking software will be able to streamline your staffing operation to be the most efficient, profitable and productive as possible. This software cut huge amounts of time off the process of finding a new hire. Research has shown that 94% of those who employ an applicant tracking software for their hiring purposes see positive impacts. They also see a 75% drop in time wastage during recruitment.

Roubler’s applicant tracking software carefully sifts through the resumes of every applicant to your job ad. Roubler’s algorithm will analyse the previous experience, skillset, and personal qualities of each potential employee and compare it to your current workforce and HR requirements. That way, you will only ever interview candidates who are a perfect fit for the role, and your company culture. Roubler will even help you construct and post a job ad with its recruitment tool.