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The past few months have been nothing short of chaotic, and the second half of 2020 is shaping up to be just as unpredictable .

Businesses that have only just reopened are already being forced to shut their doors once again as we see sudden fluctuations in COVID rates.

This uncertainty can take its toll on morale, which is why we’ve hand-picked these eLearning courses to help you and your team cope with the present challenges and prepare for a brighter future.

They’re available today, free for Roubler customers.

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Manage stress with mindfulness

Feeling overwhelmed? This course will show you techniques to help you invite calm into your daily life.

Duration: 1hr 33mins

Maximising productivity

Learn how to balance your home and work life and tackle everything on your to-do list head-on.

Duration: 22mins

Personal financial wellbeing

If you’re concerned about money, this article will help you get your finances in order.

Duration: 6mins

Meditation exercise

Learn how to manage your energy, work deliberately rather than reactively, and have more time for what’s meaningful for you.

Duration: 13 mins

Create the time you need

Discover your time management personality and learn how to get organised in a way that will work for you.

Duration: 28 minutes

Access the world’s largest eLearning library

Roubler has partnered with GO1 to give you and your team access to the world’s largest online training library and thousands of online courses, all via your Roubler system.

There are hundreds of topics to choose from,including customer service, team building, leadership and more.

Our eLearning feature will help you upskill your team no matter where they are.

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Free learning management system

Did you know, as part of your Roubler subscription, you can publish your very own eLearning content via our learning management system?

You can create your own courses, send your team customised training programs, monitor individual progress and centrally manage their entire learning experience.

This feature is available thanks to our partnership with GO1.

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