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Plan and forecast your roster

Roubler’s rostering platform is the intelligent way to schedule your staff seamlessly with maximum employee engagement and visibility across your organisation. With inbuilt costing functionality, you will have live and accurate labour forecasts on hand at all times. The Roubler intelligent employee auto rostering system automatically assesses which employee is best suited for a particularly shift based on prior experience, employee skills matching algorithm and availability. Significantly reduce management time on planning and building out employee rosters.

Online & Intuitive Rostering

  • Live and costed labour forecasting.
  • Simply drag and drop employees into your schedule or auto roster in a single swipe.
  • Mobile rostering system lets you manage your shifts and schedule from anywhere with ease.
  • Multi-site rostering system and efficiency.
  • Roster alerts & restrictions with full employee notification and engagement.
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All-in-one features.

Intelligent Employee Rostering Software

Unleash the power of one integrated system. Roubler leverages the one system design and instantly pulls data to achieve intelligent and automated online scheduling in seconds.

  • Live costings and full award interpretation from the moment you schedule the first employee.
  • Auto complete the entire employee schedule in a single swipe.
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling functionality and user experience.
  • Auto-fill vacancies.
  • Staff performance algorithm allowing you to reward your top performers with the choice of shifts.

Award Interpretation

Roubler’s online time and attendance software automatically calculates any combination of time rates, overtime, complex arrangements such as higher duties or split shifts, leave entitlements, superannuation and other industry-specific provisions. Updates issued by Fair Work Australia are automatically integrated into Roubler’s service, at no extra charge. Roubler removes the hassle of trying to stay across legislative changes, allowing you to focus on managing your workforce.

  • Accurate, reliable and automatic award compliance.
  • Always up-to-date with the most recent award requirements.
  • Never be caught out with award compliance again.

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Multi-site Employee Rostering

Whether you run multiple divisions within the same location or worksite, are a franchise owner or run multiple locations. Roubler has the flexibility to manage different areas, roles, activities and locations all on the single cloud based software.

  • Accurately cost schedules to each division or location prior to publishing
  • Franchise & multi-site locations
  • Visibility across all locations anytime, anywhere form your mobile, tablet or PC
  • Allocate resources to areas / locations of most demand when you need it with real time data to support decision making all from a central location or site by site basis.

Communicate & Manage Rosters

Improve your workplace & employee communication and engagement through the Roubler rostering system. Our powerful in-app messaging allows for entirely flexible communication throughout your workforce all from one system.

  • Instantly message all employees, individuals, a particular shift or a specific group or location of employees from your mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Manage communication across all sites and locations all from the one platform
  • Powerful and streamlined in-app messaging tool
  • View communication across the entire workforce to keep up to speed with the pulse of your workforce

Mobile Employee Scheduling App

Access, create and manage your roster from any mobile device. Roubler has completely streamlined and automated the way you schedule.

  • Employee scheduling app for iPhone and android
  • Approve leave requests
  • Add/Edit and publish shifts and communicate changes to your team
  • Source new employees from your mobile device
  • View employee profiles

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Realise the benefits of Roubler’s employee rostering software tool

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