First impressions last. Welcome new hires to your business with a fully customised, mobile friendly onboarding and induction program.

Onboard in a way that suits your business.

Easily customise the onboarding feature to reflect your own processes so that you capture the data, qualifications and documents you need, and new hires complete essential activities prior to their start date. Alternatively, Roubler can access programs through your preferred provider using inbuilt third-party integration. Our Flexible and seamless employee inductions give your employees the best possible chance for success and ensure your workforce productivity and performance levels are never compromised.

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Engage with new hires before day one.

First impressions matter. Roubler helps you empower and engage new hires through a customised induction program that ensures every new hire feels welcome and understands the business before they commence their first shift

  • Engage with employees before their first shift with training programs, videos and reading. They’ll feel motivated and engaged to be productive from the moment they walk in the door.
  • Employees are less likely to consider other job offers once they have been onboarded and are ready to start.

View a complete audit trail.

Regardless of how you’ve customised your onboarding and induction process, each step is tracked. You’ll know exactly what stage of the process your new hires at at, what tasks they have completed and have a record of every document, policy and contract they have read and signed, all accessed via the cloud.

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