How it works

Whether you’re managing your own workforce, sourcing from ours, or using a combination of both, Roubler’s end-to-end workforce management service is seamlessly integrated to reduce paperwork, administration and labour costs. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective solution to instantly increase your workforce efficiency, productivity and profits.

Workforce Management Platform


Post your job

Search for a candidate based on key selection criteria using Roubler’s intuitive job advertisement template. Automatically post your job through a network of channels and gain access to an exclusive talent pool in just one click.


Choose from your shortlist

Access a list of suitable applicants who have applied through Roubler and been automatically screened as per your selection criteria. View rankings based on your job advertisement and approve candidates in a single swipe.


Job-ready candidates

Provide industry-specific online induction programs to your employees through Roubler so that they enter your workplace fully prepared and job-ready. Roubler uses employee resumes to auto-populate a database and intuitively sources any additional information from the employee directly.


Plan your roster

Use your own employees to create the roster manually or have Roubler automatically generate it using cost/performance data and information from past rosters. Staff can be notified by SMS, email and push notifications when the roster is finalised.


Sign in & out live

Employees sign in and out of shifts through an online timeclock through their own mobile or a designated device in the workplace. Employees also receive shift information and reminders along with tailored travel recommendations based on their preferences.


Manage performance

Roubler provides live access to a dashboard that uses cutting edge technology to show a unified performance metric. Key metrics such as staff turnover, lateness, unplanned absenteeism, skill requirements, safety incidents, shift management and overtime are all consolidated and weighted in real-time and made accessible on your mobile device at any time.


Pay with one tap

Time and attendance data is automatically synced to the payroll and grouped with personal and banking details at the conclusion of an employee’s shift. This data is then used in conjunction with award interpretation to calculate the payroll and submit for your approval.

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