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HR App for iPhone & Android

Roubler’s all-in-one HR and Payroll software allows both employers* and employees to download free mobile app and access, edit and update information on the go, anywhere, anywhere from any device.

Employee Self Service via the mobile app provides instant connectivity and significant operational efficiencies. Combined with Roubler’s unique one system HR platform, managers and employers cano view workforce reporting and analytics in real time on any device.

*In development

Keep Your Workforce Connected

  • Access real time live HR and payroll analytics direct from your mobile app*
  • Free Employee Self Service HR mobile app via iOS and Android
  • Allow your employees to stay connected and update employee profiles, availability, accept & reject shifts, view payroll information and payslips and much more
  • Stay in sync with your workforce wherever you are through the Roubler HR mobile app*
  • Easily access phone numbers, emails, employee profile information, rotas and much more through the app*
  • Encourage continual engagement and communication

*In development

All-in-one features.

Employee Mobile App Connectivity

Drive superior communication, engagement and employee management through your own HR app. Allow your employees to proactively interact with the business anywhere and anytime on any device.

  • Employee Self Service
  • View, change and update information on the go
  • Encourage employees to engage with the business
  • Facilitate proactive information flow between employers and employees
  • Remove data entry, double handling data and paper-based forms
  • Drive a technology-enabled workforce culture
  • Distance is no longer an issue – engage with employees globally

One Platform

Roubler’s all-in-one system provides the peace of mind that any HR, employee profile, rostering and payroll changes or information is updated instantly in real time. No longer do you have to synchronise multiple HR platforms or worry about slow API connections.

  • One login, one system. Roubler uses a unique single system technology
  • No need to update multiple databases or HR technology platforms
  • All HR, rostering and payroll information accessible on the HR mobile app
  • Remove data entry from the HR function
  • Significant efficiencies and security through leveraging the one fully integrated system

Employer App*

The Roubler HR and payroll app provides employers with the capability to remain connected anywhere, anytime. Access all HR and payroll information from your mobile app along with live and real-time data analytics to make genuine data-driven decisions about your workforce.

  • Enable data-driven decision making
  • Access employee details and information from your mobile device
  • View, create, update and edit employee rosters on the go
  • View who is on shift and any “no shows” at any workplace from your mobile app
  • Self manage and personalise

*In development

Employee App

Allow your employees to view, update and add information on their profile with our full Employee Self Service HR app.

  • Build employee engagement
  • Proactive communication reducing uninformed absenteeism
  • Update all HR and payroll information via app
  • View payroll history and payslips
  • View rotas
  • Manage unavailability and rota conflicts

Data-Driven Decision Making

Use our HR mobile app to make data-driven decisions anytime, anywhere on any device. Use our leading BI and people analytics software to make up-to-date decisions in real time on a range of business and HR related analytics

  • Productivity analytics
  • Ensure optimum staffing levels are maintained
  • Absenteeism management
  • Rostering and staff management
  • Payroll analytics
  • View at company-wide or store / regional level

Roubler’s all-in-on HR & Payroll software completely streamlines payroll processing

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