Roubler’s Time & Attendance system uses rostered versus actual time comparisons, plus instant alerts when employees work unplanned overtime, to help you manage your labour costs.

Meet your wages budget with accurate time and attendance data.

Having access to clearly displayed time and attendance information about rostered versus actual worked hours, plus alerts when an employee works past their rostered finish time will help you quickly identify patterns of attendance that show a regular use of overtime.

Easy-to-access data allows you to be proactive with managing overtime: you can better plan your rosters to cover busy periods and fix staffing gaps, reduce your reliance on overtime and keep your labour costs in check.

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Eliminate costly timesheet errors with simple time clock kiosks.

It’s easy for honest (and sometimes dishonest) inaccuracies to occur when employees record their own start, finish and break times on paper or electronic spreadsheets. Without verification, employees may be paid for over-inflated working hours.

Employees select ‘clock in’, ‘clock out’, ‘break start’ or ‘break end’ from options on the time clock kiosk screen. The time is automatically and accurately recorded without employee intervention.

Pay only for what the T&A system records.

Roubler’s time and attendance software puts an end to paying for unnecessary labour costs as you only pay for actual time worked – down to the minute.

Our intelligent system – based on a single source of data – automatically creates timesheets that accurately reflect the worked hours captured on the time clock which can be approved and directly passed to payroll.

Employee’s timesheets display both rostered and actual worked times, so you can easily see what you budgeted for and what you need to pay. You can then review and approve each timesheet giving you the control to authorise overtime and partly completed shifts.

A large retail client saw a reduction in overtime by over 26% and a reduction in weekend penalty rates of 13.9% in just one month of using Roubler.

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