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Roubler’s top five new features in 2022

What a year it’s been! From AI-generated rosters that align with sales data, to customisable onboarding workflows and shift bidding, check out the top five features we’ve released this year!

1. Demand-based rostering

Our demand-based rostering feature enables users to automatically align their roster against sales data from their point-of-sale (POS) system. This ensures minimum staffing requirements are always met and the budget is never blown on overstaffing.

We’ve made it possible to build rosters based on the following criteria:

  • The required number of staff against a set ratio. An example of this would be to add 1 shop assistant for every $500 spent
  • The required number of staff against specific increments. An example of this would be to add 1 shop assistant when $500, $750 and $1200 are spent in the store.

2. New and improved onboarding

We understand how important first impressions can be. Our new and improved onboarding feature provides a more customisable and streamlined experience for all users. You can now create multiple, fully customisable workflows based on employment types, positions and locations.

This makes it easier to reach your compliance obligations by mandating certain certificates or licenses based on an employee’s position, location or both. It also significantly reduces the manual labour required from the manager having to request, chase and process information.

3. Shift bidding

We are super excited to introduce the highly anticipated shift bidding to our platform this year. Managers can save time creating rosters by sending out shift requests to all eligible employees, team members can either accept or decline via desktop or mobile app. They can then choose the “best fit” team member by considering factors such as location, employment types, break times, pay and more.

4. Shift repetition

Our team is always researching and developing ways to make creating rosters as efficient as possible, that’s why we introduced the shift repetition feature, allowing users to quickly copy and paste shifts in just a couple of clicks. Not only that, but you can easily set up repeating shifts over multiple days, saving time when setting up rosters.

5. New-look Company Settings and Employee Profiles

Company Settings and Employee Profiles received a makeover in 2022. We’ve made them easier to navigate by grouping and consolidating them into tabs that sit on the left-hand side of the screen. This update provides an improved experience to users and is certainly pleasing to the eye as well.

If you are an existing customer and would like to know more about our features visit our help desk to view any release notes or contact your account manager. If you are not currently a Roubler customer and would like to find out more, then please contact our team today!

Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill is a Marketing Content Creator with a passion for making a positive impact online. Over the past five years, Samantha has worked with an array of different companies to deliver content that communicates what their business means to their audience. Since joining Roubler in 2020, Samantha’s focus is on creating engaging content that informs business leaders of the latest skills, strategies, and techniques to help get the best out of their teams.
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