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For the first time in six years, the Ministry of Manpower is reviewing Singapore’s Employment Act. The EA …

14 Feb 2018 / Chris King
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National Australia Bank have cut the use of resumes and face-to-face interviews in recruitment for entry-level positions. The …

28 Aug 2017 /
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All across the globe, businesses are changing. At universities and high schools, students are reminded they may end …

31 May 2017 /
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The Australian Government is cancelling the 457 Visa program for overseas workers and replacing it with two new …

18 Apr 2017 /
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The Australian media has jumped on high profile Master Chef Judge, George Calombaris and his hospitality group which left 162 …

05 Apr 2017 /
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Australia’s national airline has joined the increasing tide of companies moving their systems online. In an attempt to …

04 Oct 2016 /
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