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Expense management and claims software

Process expense claims seamlessly on mobile or desktop, with no paperwork required.

Claim expenses on the go

Roubler’s expense management software saves time and hassle by enabling employees to take photos of receipts and submit expense claims straight away via the mobile app. Managers can also quickly approve or decline expense requests on the go with a simple swipe left, swipe right.

expense management on mobile device

Go paperless with expense management software

With Roubler, there’s no need for paper receipts and expense claim forms. Employees simply scan and upload receipts on mobile or desktop. Their claim will be sent to their manager for approval, before automatically synchronising with payroll for processing.

Gain better visibility over business expenses

Roubler’s expense claims feature helps you manage business expenses more effectively. By automating expense management, you will have access to accurate, detailed reports, and gain full visibility overspend.

expense management

“Roubler’s payroll feature is quick, accurate and compliant. The staff and management have engaged with Roubler very quickly.”


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Key expense claims software functionality

  • Digital expense claims process
  • Scan receipts and submit claims on mobile
  • Built-in approval controls for managers
  • Instant sync to payroll on approval
  • Detailed expense reports.

Key expense management software benefits

  • Complete the entire expense process on mobile
  • Provide easy access via the online portal
  • Eliminate manual data entry and paperwork
  • Reimburse employees quickly and easily
  • Monitor employee spending business-wide
  • Gain full visibility over business expenses.

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More expense claims software features

Faster expense claims

Roubler’s all-in-one system includes payroll, making it possible to process expense claims more quickly, without the need for third-party integrations. Once approved, expense claims are sent straight to payroll, minimising the amount of time employees need to
wait to be reimbursed.

Mobile expense claim process

With Roubler, employees can upload expenses on the go from their mobile device or desktop. Managers also have full mobile access, enabling them to approve or decline expense claims with a simple swipe left or swipe right.

Paperless, automatic expense management

Roubler’s built-in expense management system is designed to be used digitally, giving you a paperless solution for managing employee expenses. With Roubler there is no need for paper receipts or expense forms. Expenses are automatically linked to the relevant employee, and managers can easily manage pending expense claims easily from desktop or via the mobile app.

Expense claim approval controls

Roubler includes complete approval controls for managers, who will be automatically notified of any new expense claim. Each new claim requires a standard set of information, making it easier for your employees to submit their claim, and enabling managers and payroll to process the claim quickly. Once approved, the employee will be notified and the expense claim will synchronise with payroll automatically.

Time saving business expense software

Roubler’s built-in expense management software creates efficiencies for managers and payroll teams, with:

  • No more double-handling of expenses
  • No more back-and-forth communication
  • No more handwritten paper forms
  • No more time wasted on manual data entry.

Mileage expense claims

If employees use their own vehicle for work, they can submit mileage claims for reimbursement via the expense claims feature. Managers have full visibility over mileage expenses, enabling them to monitor staff spending and facilitate more effective business decision making.

Expense reporting software

Roubler includes built-in expense reporting, providing managers with visibility over expense requests, and allows for fast processing of expense claims from within the reporting interface. The report can be filtered by types, dates and status. It enables managers to make informed decisions around expense policies, spot trends to enable forward planning, and forecast and budget based on sales figures.


Can my employees submit their own claims?

Roubler’s expense claim software allows employees to submit their own claims from the convenience of the mobile self service app.

Does it support iOS and Android? 

Roubler’s self service mobile app supports iOS and Android devices.

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