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Expense claims and management software

Process expense claims seamlessly, without the paperwork.

Go paperless

With Roubler there’s no more stacks of receipts and expense claim forms to keep track of – ever.

Let your team submit expense claims from the convenience of their mobile device or desktop.

They can scan and upload receipts, and their claim will be automatically sent to their manager for approval before being forwarded on to payroll for processing.

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Gain better visibility

Our built-in expense claim feature helps you reduce unnecessary complexities and manage business expenses more efficiently.

With all the information you need accessible from one location, you can easily keep track of employee expenses in real-time and manage cash flow more accurately.

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Expense claims features

Paperless, automatic expense management

Roubler’s built-in expense claims feature is designed to be used digitally, giving you a paperless solution for managing employee expenses.

  • No need for paper receipts.
  • No need for paper expense forms.
  • Expenses are automatically linked to the relevant employee.
  • Manage pending expense claims easily from your dashboard.

Customisable approval controls

You can set up approval controls for the managers in your business, who will be automatically notified of any new expense claim.

Each new claim requires a standard set of information, making it easier for your employees to submit their claim and enabling managers and payroll staff to take the next steps more quickly.

Upon approval, the employee will be notified and the payroll team will have all the information they need to process the claim.

Easy upload and claim process

With Roubler, employees can upload expenses on-the-go from their mobile device or desktop. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all the information is stored safely in the cloud and accessible anytime.

Time saving features

Roubler’s built-in expense claims feature helps you save time and money.

  • No more double-handling.
  • No more back-and-forth communication.
  • No more handwritten paper forms.
  • No more data entry costs.
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