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Employee onboarding and induction software

Eliminate paperwork and cut back admin with digital onboarding and induction.

Provide an exceptional employee experience

Set up your new employees for success from day one with Roubler’s employee onboarding software. New hires enjoy a seamless experience that incorporates everything from entering bank details, through to online induction training, so they can hit the ground running.

onboarding and induction software

Create a positive first impression

Effective onboarding plays a significant role in employee satisfaction, and can influence their decision to stay with a business or move on. Roubler helps you provide an efficient and streamlined employee induction and onboarding experience, helping ensure that new starters go on to become long-term employees.

Automate the entire employee onboarding process

Roubler’s employee onboarding software automates the induction process without the need for paperwork or manual data entry. Thanks to our all-in-one workforce management system, all data flows seamlessly to rostering, time and attendance, payroll and beyond.

elearning employee onboarding

Combine onboarding with staff induction

With Roubler, you can incorporate employee induction training into onboarding, to help new hires prepare for their role. You can build out a training program that includes video content, documents, and other course content and ensures employees complete the necessary modules before their first shift.

Roubler is saving our managers an hour a day [with rosters]. If we break that down over the course of the year, it’s saving us thousands of dollars just on labour.”


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Key onboarding software functionality

  • Fully automated onboarding process
  • Progress tracking for new employees
  • Configurable setup to suit business needs
  • Seamless workforce data flow
  • Digital document signing
  • Certification and qualification checks
  • Built-in induction programs.

Key onboarding software benefits

  • Create a great first impression for new staff
  • Reduce the need for manual data entry
  • Streamline the onboarding process
  • Customise employee induction programs
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Enter information once for the entire system.

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More employee onboarding and induction features

Paperless onboarding

Eliminate data entry and reduce admin costs with a paperless onboarding system. Roubler allows new employees to onboard, induct and familiarise themselves with their role and requirements well before their first shift, without the hassle of filling out paperwork. This completely eliminates manual data entry from your employee onboarding process.

Customised induction programs

With Roubler’s onboarding system, you can deliver a comprehensive employee induction program to encourage, empower and motivate new team members, and ensure they are fully prepared for their first shift. You can build an induction program to suit your business needs, and help improve employees’ time to productivity with best practice induction processes.

Comprehensive compliance

Keeping track of certifications and ensuring your team members are fully qualified to do their job is simple with Roubler. New staff simply upload relevant qualifications and licenses before their first shift and will be prompted to ensure these are renewed as they expire.

Payroll, tax and CPF fund onboarding

Collect all your employees’ bank, payroll, tax and CPF fund details before they start, without any manual data entry or paperwork. As part of Roubler’s onboarding process, staff enter their tax identification number and choose their CPF fund, reducing the burden on HR and payroll teams.

Onboarding for multiple employees

Roubler makes it easy to invite multiple staff to begin their onboarding process. HR and hiring managers can add multiple new employees into the system at once, and send an invitation to their email addresses in bulk. From there, it is easy to manage the entire onboarding process in one place.

Built-in e-learning

Roubler’s e-learning feature makes it easy to create online training for employees to complete along with their onboarding. This helps prepare them for their first day by providing comprehensive course content on everything from policies and procedures to essential compliance training, incorporating video content, documents, quizzes and more, as required.


Is the onboarding software suitable for multisite businesses?

Our multi-site workforce management software enables managers to recruit, onboard, roster, manage and pay staff for all relevant locations, with one seamless software.

What are the benefits of using onboarding software?

The benefits of using onboarding software include:

  • Easier, more productive first days
  • More structured onboarding process
  • Paperless onboarding with signature-enabled processes
  • The ability to track employee progress
  • Centralised employee data for HR and payroll teams
  • Induction programs that are customisable.

What digital signing software/technology does Roubler use? 

Roubler’s document management system securely logs IP addresses and user agreements, with the option of capturing a handwritten signature on the device itself.

Are digital signatures legally binding?

There are different laws surrounding digital signatures as part of the onboarding process depending on where you are in the world. Check your government website to understand inclusions and exclusions.

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