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Make the shift to a simpler, more efficient and compliant way of managing your shift-based workforce.

Consolidate your HR systems.

We understand the frustration of using multiple platforms which don’t talk to each other. Furthermore, we know that paying for multiple software subscriptions can be costly. Roubler’s all-in-one platform eliminates the need to enter and maintain the same data across multiple services, reduces IT costs and protects the integrity of your data.

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Work flexibly and securely
on the cloud.

Your managers need to be able to access workforce information anywhere, anytime so we built Roubler on the cloud. By using Amazon Web Services – hosted in Sydney (Australia), Singapore and Dublin (Ireland) – we can ensure customer data is protected with the highest levels of practical security with similar authentication levels offered by Fortune 500 companies.

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Empower your employees with self service options.

Today’s employees prefer to self-serve when it comes to administration and HR – so let them! Engage employees in onboarding, managing their own details, and applying for leave and unavailability using the Employee Self Service feature on desktop or mobile device using our app.

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Eliminate paper-based

Roubler automates transactional HR duties like onboarding and timesheets without the need for paperwork and time-consuming data entry. This frees up valuable time for your HR staff and on-site managers to do what they do best – build your business.

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Easily transition to a
new software system.

We know change is hard, so we have invested substantial resources into our implementation process to make the transition simple for you and your staff. Roubler’s Customer Success Managers will guide you through the implementation process, provide on-site training and offer you one-to-one support for the first 90 days of using the software.

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Automate the calculation of CPF and
self-help contributions

Roubler’s fully integrated CPF and self-help calculator provides you with accurate payroll costs from the moment you start building your employee roster. Combined with our audited payroll engine, you can rest assured that your business is 100% compliant. Always.

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Save hours with integrated payroll.

Simply approve timesheets in the T&A tool and Roubler’s payroll engine will automatically calculate your pay run. No manual entry of timesheets required. Furthermore, our integrated Modern Awards Interpretation software gives you the confidence that your payroll is 100% compliant.

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Enable agile decision-making with real-time data.

Our live dashboards and reports provide you with at-a-glance insights about labour costs, labour efficiency, time and attendance, and payroll. This data gives you the power to make quick and informed business decision that will have a positive impact on your business.

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The Roubler business case.

Searching for a new HR and payroll system can be time-consuming. Simplify your decision making with our ready-to-print business case for making the shift to Roubler. It contains all you need to know about Roubler in a simple, two-page format.

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