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motivating your casual employees
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Easy to hire, Easy to fire: Motivating your casual employees

Approximately 20% of the workforce is employed on a casual basis.These workers are the backbone of small and large business alike. They work odd, sometimes long hours and are often given the work nobody else wants to do. Though they may not be in for the long haul, an effective team of casuals can help in creating a prosperous enterprise. This considered; here are four essential areas to address for getting the most out of your casual employees.


With most casual employees employed for less than 12 months, it is easy to see how they may feel excluded from the work dynamic.  Casual employees are often seasonal and are well aware of the brief period in which they will be employed. This short time period often doesn’t allow for workers to feel truly included in the workspace. And considering a job can provide social interaction for many people, this can leave people feeling ostracised as they struggle to engage their peers. A lack of investment in the company they work for can give cause for sub-standard or irresponsible work practice. Work functions or team meetings can provide opportunity for employees to introduce and learn about each other, helping to reduce this feeling of exclusion.

2. Understanding

Not all employees are built the same. Understanding that some people will be better served in particular situation can be extremely beneficial, even temporarily. Employers should strive to engage the intellect of their employees and, in doing so, help to them to develop their skills. This will not only satisfy their sense of mastery over their craft but also benefit the efficiency of your business. Recent studies have spoken to the fact that autonomy, or self-sufficiency, is one of the most powerful psychological motivators in all aspects of life. Being able to select the right person for the right job, to ensure they can independently accomplish their goal, will improve job quality and satisfaction.


Everybody responds to incentives. Engage each of your employees about what motivates them at work and how you can get the best out of each other. As a casual, higher pay is often the lure, however, lots of money can mean very little if work is life’s greatest boredom. Employee reward systems and inviting employees to contribute in areas outside their normal role can spike job engagement and focus their concentration in anticipation of a incentive.


Flexibility, rather than security, is the nature of the job. However offering what little security you can, will help to ease the minds of your casual employees. Simply making sure they know what shifts will have, how long they are expected to stay, and that you have their interests at heart can boost morale and create a trust that encourages workers to excel in their position. Of course this is not to say that you should put their interests over your business. It is just that, as the old saying goes, a bit of respect can go a long way.

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