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Guzman y Gomez + Roubler

Discover how Roubler has helped Guzman y Gomez create labour efficiencies with rostering best practice, while operating within the constraints of Singapore’s labour law regulations.

Guzman y Gomez Success Story
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Guzman y Gomez (GyG) Singapore needed a flexible all-in-one workforce management system to help them scale. Roubler has enabled them to refine processes and actively monitor labour costs, in an environment where reducing operating expenses is essential.

guzman y gomez rostering software

Providing a solution for the most discerning

GyG Singapore is a casual dining chain specialising in Mexican cuisine. Using only top-quality ingredients, they prepare everything from their classic burrito to their $3 taco with a genuine passion.

When it comes to technology, they are as discerning about who they partner with as they are about creating authentic Mexican food.

As their workforce management needs have grown in complexity, weaving technology into the fabric of the business has played a key role in their ability to scale – and Roubler has worked with them every step of the way.

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Established 2011

Established 2011

100+ employees

10+ locations

Creating labour efficiency


guzman y gomez rostering software

Reducing costs with efficient rostering

When every 15 minute increment counts, Roubler provides the GyG team with the data visibility they needs to run their business with the highest possible levels of efficiency.

The labour efficiency feature enables them to measure costs vs sales and optimise accordingly, while the powerful rostering tools provides hour-by-hour cost breakdowns.

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“Roubler enables us to see exactly how much a roster will cost as it’s being built. Being able to drill down to the dollar allows us to create efficiencies in real time.”


Josh Bell Guzman y Gomez Singapore
Rachel and Josh Guzman y Gomez

Helping ensure peace of mind with compliance

Labour laws in Singapore are complex, with strict regulations around foreign manpower quotas and CPF compliance. The GyG team needed a software provider with built-in compliance specific to local requirements, to help them meet their obligations.

With Roubler, much of the work associated with compliance is automated. This ensures GyG leadership and managers can focus on creating other efficiency gains, while having peace of mind that compliance requirements are met.

“Roubler’s all-in-one software streamlines our workforce management. It provides us with the data we need to run the business efficiently.”


Rolling burrito

Supporting the businesswith local knowledge

Choosing an innovative technology partner with excellent local support was important to GyG. The team benefitted from a structured onboarding process with a local implementation team playing an integral role.

As “super users” GyG has also been closely involved in new feature development and rollout, as Roubler continues to innovate to meet diverse customer needs in Singapore and around the world.

guzman y gomez roubler mobile app

Equiping employees with the tools they need

Roubler’s mobile app has been well-received by employees. The intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures the team can use the app easily, with very minimal training required.

It provides a convenient way for staff to view upcoming shifts as soon as they are published, as well as ensuring they have access to pay slips, availability and essential documents no matter where they are.

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