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Accurately recording the hours your employees work might sound simple enough, but if you’re working in HR and …

13 Jan 2021 / Samantha Hill
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Thanks to ever-evolving workforce management technology, the days of creating rosters in Excel and messy payroll integrations are …

06 Nov 2020 /
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Onboarding an employee goes far beyond just day one. When executed well, a good onboarding process benefits your …

28 Sep 2020 / Fleur Murphy
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In this guide, Ivan Brewer from Restaurantology breaks down his six-step methodology for creating a cost-effective roster, from …

17 Sep 2020 / Nadia Nyaz
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When HR teams are stretched to their limits, critical areas of focus can be easily overlooked in favour …

01 Sep 2020 / Fleur Murphy
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Businesses in any industry can benefit from an agile approach, particularly during challenging times that demand fluidity and …

06 Aug 2020 / Fleur Murphy
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