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Roubler + Potts Point Hotel

Discover how Roubler helped Potts Point Hotel cut back on wasted time and ensure compliance with a seamless all-in-one system.

Potts Point Hotel Sydney
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Potts Point Hotel is a lively pub in the heart of Sydney’s bustling red light district. With a reputation for mouth-watering meals and lively events, Potts Point Hotel relies on Roubler’s seamless workforce management software to stay compliant while saving on costs.

The challenge

The Potts Point Hotel team needed a way to manage their entire workforce, while maintaining compliance. They wanted to replace their outdated software with one seamless system incorporating everything from onboarding to time sheets to payroll.

By addressing all their workforce management needs with the one software solution, Roubler helped them save money and significantly reduce the amount of time spend on admin tasks. This freed up managers’ time and let them focus on providing exceptional experience for their customers.

The results

With Roubler’s workforce management software, Potts Point Hotel has:

  • Confidence in modern award compliance
  • An all-in-one solution with no messy integrations
  • More time to focus on strategy and customer experience
  • Reduced software and system costs
  • Eliminated manual data entry
  • Improved productivity across the business.

Roubler is quick, and accurate, and award-compliant.”


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