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Roubler + MAC

Discover how Roubler helped MAC create cost savings and efficiencies across the business in South Africa, by providing a seamless suite of online workforce management tools.

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MAC cosmetics operates in 90 countries worldwide. In South Africa they have multiple locations including standalone stores and department store counters.

The challenge

The MAC team in South Africa turned to Roubler to solve their workforce management challenges, including high staffing costs and a lack of transparency across their many sites.

Roubler provided a seamless all-in-one solution, enabling MAC to create fully-costed rosters, capture accurate time and attendance data, and manage their employees more effectively.

The results

With Roubler’s workforce management software, MAC has:

  • Minimised payroll errors
  • Reduced time theft
  • Eliminated manual data entry
  • Cut overtime costs
  • Improved decision making
  • Boosted productivity.

“With Roubler, the payroll department has been able to work more effectively. In the first couple of months we were able to show a double-figure saving against the overtime line.”


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