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Nottingham Ice Centre
Ltd + Roubler

Discover how Nottingham Ice Centre Ltd has cut payroll admin by 60%, and benefited from accurate labour efficiency data across five locations, with Roubler’s all-in-one workforce management system.

Nottingham Ice Centre

With five venues across the UK, the Nottingham Ice Centre Ltd needed workforce management software to streamline processes and enable data visibility. Roubler has provided deeper insights into workforce costings and labour forecasting, while significantly reducing the time spent on admin and payroll.

Relieving the administrative burden

With no centralised system in place, workforce management was a constant challenge for the Nottingham Ice Centre Ltd team. Frustrated with inefficient systems and processes, the team turned to Roubler to help them create efficiencies across the business.

The positive impact was immediate. Streamlined processes, built-in expense claims and smart rostering alleviated the administrative burden – with payroll taking two days, rather than the best part of a week to complete.

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Events and hospitality

Manage leave on employee mobile app

1000+ employees

5 locations UK-wide

60% payroll time savings

Accurate forecasting

Enabling accurate labour forecasting

Nottingham Ice Centre Ltd oversees multiple locations including the National Ice Centre, Motorpoint Arena, Ice Locker, National Merchandise
and National Catering.

With Roubler, the Nottingham Ice Centre Ltd team gained new visibility over event costings. Being able to see forecast versus actual spend was incredibly powerful, enabling better forward-planning while also helping the team adapt as last-minute changes arise.

By bringing all aspects of workforce management together, the Nottingham Ice Centre Ltd now has clarity across all locations and workforce functions.

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“Being able to see costings for an event is incredibly powerful. We can now track forecast versus actual spend, giving us full visibility when planning events.”


Putting the power in employees’ hands

Providing employees with fast access to essential work-related information, was core to Nottingham Ice Centre Ltd’s workforce management requirements.

Roubler lets staff manage their work-life on the go from one easy-to-use mobile app. They can now view their rota, submit leave, view payslips, claim expenses and more from the convenience of their smartphone.

The app also makes communication as a whole more efficient – enabling flexibility as staffing requirements fluctuate and change.

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“We were trying to manage our workforce with several systems that didn’t talk to each other. Roubler brings everything together seamlessly.”


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