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Roubler and HG Retail

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HG Retail is a food and grocery based retail group delivering exceptional standards of service across a variety of food retail businesses Australia wide. HG Retail differentiate themselves through exceptional customer service, a broad range of highest quality products and a first class shopping experience and pride themselves on their core value of, “Good Food, Great People.” Partnering with Roubler in 2017 to deliver technological efficiency, transparency and ease of process to the business, Managing Director Raelene Hopper said the business has never been easier to run.

"The biggest thing is how much time it has freed up for me, where staff can onboard themselves and create their own unavailability which, allows me to get out there and manage the business"
ING customer Matt
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  • 550 employees across 16 locations
  • Understanding real time labour costings
  • Transition to a new system
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  • One system allowing full visibility across all locations
  • Roublers real time labour costings and efficiencies provide transparency and confidence
  • Roubler provided complete onboarding and training across all sites, managers and employees

“You know we like to still like to act like a small family business which is difficult when you’ve got five hundred and fifty employees uh but we want too.
Um the guys at Roubler went out and did a lot of training with our team at the start um so they didn’t have any of those problems going forward…..and they just reckon it’s great.
You know they have no problems ..the staff love it so the ..the management team are saying that the staff are saying it’s sensational…..and..and for them the web based part where they do their rosterings is um really easy”
Raelene Hopper – Managing Director

“To me the app is about ease of use , real time costings at any point in time even with our submission of time sheets to doing a roster I know what that particular wage spend will be in that store…which is fantastic”
Nicole Benneyworth – Group Training/ HR Manager

“I think the biggest thing is how much time it’s actually freed up for me now where staff can actually on board themselves, create their own unavailability, that allows me to obviously get out and manage the business
We have a very very large roster with sixty staff in this store and im able to do that very accurately by getting the right people at the right place at the right
time and most importantly at the right cost”
Matt – Retail Store Manager

“I think for me as an employee as well just the convenience behind it all I think that’s what’s been the best part of it is your smartphone is in your pocket all the time and so for any HR, err..changes in rostering or take a day off it’s in your pocket , it’s easy and it’s ready to go”
Matt – Staff Member

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