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Employee onboarding software

HR Glossary

Employee onboarding software

Employees are the most powerful tool that your business has. That means that the process of onboarding them into your workplace is crucial to the success of your business, as well as crucial to the retention of employees. Onboarding refers to the procedure of accustoming new staff members to the social and professional culture of the workplace. This is when they’ll learn the attitudes, expectations and standards of the environment. The more effective the onboarding process, the more effective the new employee will be at achieving company goals. Employee onboarding software is a way to ensure the induction of each employee is seamless. Employee onboarding software are programs and applications that automate and streamline the process of inducting a new employee.

When a new employee starts in your workplace, you will both be keen to get straight into things. Time spent filling out paperwork in these vital first hours is time wasted! All bank, superannuation, payroll and benefit information is entered into the software by the employee before they commence work. Intelligent onboarding software should actually be able to transfer employee details straight from the resume into the system. Roubler’s employee onboarding software eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing time wasted as well as administration costs.

Roubler allows you to customise an induction for your new employee so that they’re up to speed by their first shift. You can load induction materials into the system, such as safety requirements, regulations, office procedures, and more. Because employees get their own login to the Roubler system, they can access all these materials prior to commencing their first shift. You can even craft and send employment offers within the program. Not only with this cut hours – and dollars – off your onboarding process, but employees will commence their new position feeling much more confident about their role, and the company.

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