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Singapore’s Best Pay Rules & Overtime Management Software.

Singapore’s best cloud-based online payroll rules engine and overtime management software.

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Payroll rules management without the effort.

Interpreting and managing your businesses sometime complex payroll rules correctly is time-consuming and requires complicated calculations, particularly where overtime and higher duties apply.

Roubler’s payroll rules engine software manages;

  • notifies you if you roster an employee on a shift which exceeds the maximum hours they should work according to your payroll rules.
  • gives you accurate labour costings from the moment you roster an employee.
  • automatically calculates the pay rates and entitlements for each employee, saving you hours of work and protecting you from costly mistakes.

Payroll without the effort.

Roubler’s sophisticated payroll software removes the complexity of managing different payroll rules. Inbuilt payroll rules engine interpretation helps you ensure each employee is paid, and receives entitlements such as leave and overtime rates, without the need for manual calculations.

You can also set payroll rules that will automatically calculate your payroll and penalties.

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Automated payroll rules engine.

Update your payroll rules across the whole business within Roubler and automatically update your rostering, T&A and payroll in real time displaying the new rates of pay and payroll rules.

You can rest assured that your employees are being rostered correctly and are receiving the right payroll every month.

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