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Online Leave Management Calendar.

Take a break from entering your employee’s leave dates into your calendar. Roubler’s online leave management calendar does it all for you.

Schedule on tablet

Automatic leave calendar entries.

When you approve an employee leave request – whether it’s for annual leave, carers leave, sick leave or recurring unavailability – it will automatically appear in the online calendar.

Roubler’s leave management software frees you from switching between applications or creating entries in a separate calendar.

Schedule on tablet

Identify overlapping periods of leave.

Not only does being short-staffed impact how well you can serve your customers, but it can negatively affect staff morale.

With a clear view of who’s on leave at any point in time, you can avoid being caught short-staffed. Our calendar shows all employees one the one screen to help you make decisions about leave requests that are the best for your business and your employees.

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