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Pre-built online learning management system

Access more than 1000 employee training courses to drive better employee performance and upskill your workforce, thanks to our partnership with GO1.

The GO1 learning hub includes the following courses:

Customer service

  • 29 courses
  • 40 resources
  • 33 videos

These customer service e-learning courses highlights the importance of good customer service, helps teams provide an exceptional customer experience and will teach them how to manage complaints proactively and confidently.

Compliance and workplace relations

  • 59 courses
  • 217 resources
  • 167 videos

These pre-built workplace relations online courses help businesses roll out training across mandatory workplace relations requirements including key compliance risk area such as bullying and harassment.

Human resources

  • 10 training
  • 37 resources
  • 29 videos

These online courses are designed to help your team understand their HR obligations and teach them how to effectively manage HR issues such as absenteeism, performance reviews and discipline process.

Health and safety

  • 63 online courses
  • 228 resources
  • 15 videos

These workplace health and safety (WHS) e-learning courses will help ensure staff understand their occupational health and safety (OHS) responsibilities, depending on their location and industry-specific requirements. Topics include manual handling techniques, fire safety and more.


  • 9 courses
  • 228 resources
  • 15 videos

These finance online learning modules are suited for managers and employees who do not have a background in finance, and equips them with the skills they need to drive superior financial returns for your business.

IT skills

  • 50 courses
  • 99 resources
  • 69 videos

These e-learning courses covers basic training for IT skills such as Microsoft Office courses (Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook), and range from beginner to intermediate levels of difficulty.

Project management

  • 26 courses
  • 99 resources
  • 69 videos

These online project management courses will provide your team with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage projects, and are ideal for improving your team’s ability to plan and execute on the delivery of projects.


  • 109 courses
  • 84 resources
  • 66 videos

These online leadership e-learning courses provide staff and team leaders with knowledge around key leadership and management principles including delegation, providing feedback and change management.

Health and wellbeing

  • 24 courses
  • 19 resources
  • 11 videos

These online health and wellbeing e-learning courses provide staff and managers with a knowledge of personal health, hygiene, stress management and more, to help maintain the overall wellness of your team and create a high performance workforce.


  • 58 courses
  • 36 resources
  • 30 videos

These online effective communication courses and training are suited to junior employees, team leaders and managers covering a wide range of topics to ensure effective communication strategies are adopted throughout the workplace.


  • 35 courses
  • 51 resources
  • 21 videos

These online e-learning sales training courses cover key sales strategies and principles from initial lead generation, fostering the relationship and sale through to closing the deal.

Personal development

  • 93 courses
  • 92 resources
  • 76 videos

These online personal development e-learning courses provide opportunities for staff to improve their ability to managing stress, gain emotional intelligence, and develop their knowledge of a wide variety of topics to improve their effectiveness in their role.

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