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Cost vs. culture: weighing up the imbalance

A combination of internal and external challenges are inflating wage and operational costs for South African businesses. With the effects from Covid-19 still having an impact on revenue across a broad range of industries, cost-cutting is front-of-mind for many executives. Naturally, with cuts being made, there is a risk to workplace culture.

Roubler’s Chief Operations Officer, Nigel Ritson, discussed these impacts in depth at the recent HR Tech eConference. Nigel’s session focused on the importance of striking a balance between building a culture and minimising operational costs.

Importantly, Nigel discussed how the two functions are not mutually exclusive and why, when working in tandem with each other, they can help achieve long-term business sustainability and success.

Watch now to discover:

  • What challenges businesses are facing today
  • Why the cost vs. culture divide is a reality
  • Ways to strike a balance between the two
  • Reasons effective workforce management is key
  • How technology can help bridge the gap.

Nigel Ritson
As Chief Operations Officer, Nigel Ritson is in charge of operations across the Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and UK markets. Nigel Ritson has extensive knowledge of workforce management and fintech associated with payroll, including previously managing the innovations department at one of South Africa’s largest publicly listed recruitment and labour placement company deploying various workforce efficiency projects into Africa.
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