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Managing your business

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2020 was an exhausting year. Business owners are looking to cloud technology in 2021 to provide affordable and effective solutions to recover, build resilience and grow.

08 Jan 2021 / Samantha Hill
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Due to Covid-19, trends that were foreseen to happen in years, happened all at once, with business owners using the latest innovations to help them adapt to new realities of work during a pandemic.

07 Jan 2021 / Samantha Hill
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Improving your operational efficiency is a strategic approach to tackling workforce productivity and revenue problems that your SME may face today.

16 Dec 2020 / Judy Huang
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Your payroll team are not immune to the pressures of Covid-19 and may need outsourced help to navigate the intricate payroll labyrinth.

09 Nov 2020 / Nadia Nyaz
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The latest figures from the Singapore Department of Statistics have just been released, revealing the true impact of COVID-19 on the retail and food and beverage industries.

04 Sep 2020 / Fleur Murphy
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As the war for talent rages on, and businesses seek to constantly improve and find more efficient ways of operating and managing people, the need for a human resource management (HRM) system is bigger than ever.

27 Jul 2020 / Jayde Troskie
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