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reconsidering hr

Reconsidering Human Resources in an Evolving World

Online networking sites – Facebook, Glassdoor, Twitter and LinkedIn – have all greatly impacted the capacity of employers to seek and attain high-quality staff. This has translated into employers saving a great deal of time and enhancing their own productivity. Furthermore, it has bettered the outcomes for potential employees.

Reconsidering HR

However, human resources must become not simply more efficient at the processes of staff onboarding and management, but also much more effective at safeguarding the retention of employees in any kind of workforce – white, pink or blue collar.

KPMG and the Economist Intelligence Unit produced a report addressing this need for HR to shape up. The report, titled ‘Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World’, saw that 81% of the organisations interviewed understand that having effective management of talent is a vital advantage over competitors.

We see ample evidence for this point made by KPMG – employee selection, recruitment, engagement and management all impact the core functioning of a business, hence running these processes efficiently and effectively is key. Human resources cloud solutions offer the ability to do so, and assist business to use data analytics as a way to implement better people management strategies to reflect organisation goals.

Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World


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