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Modernising Human Resources for Today’s Digital Age

Globally, countless companies are facing some of the same critical human resources software modernisation issues. If your organisation has found itself asking “do we upgrade our processes and platforms all at once, or incrementally?” – you are not alone.

McKinsey & Company investigated these human resources modernisation issues, and produced a report called “Modernising IT for a digital era” to address the problem.

We wanted to share some insights with you that would be beneficial to your company.

  1. Complete modernisation of systems has extremely beneficial impacts on technology and operations, for instance;
  • 20-30% surge in IT efficiency
  • 30-40% surge in employee drive
  1. The once-preferred incremental approach may involve less short term risk, however it increases the rate of substantial medium and long term risk. Hence, the incremental approach can reduce organisations’ competitiveness and development, and poorly effect customers through detached services and products.
  2. The end-to-end modernisation, or complete overhaul, seems more costly and chancier than incrementalism. However, most of the time it leads to circumventing duplicate work, which will save great funds in the long term. Furthermore, end-to-end guarantees that organisations are equipped with the right IT tools for years to come, instead of a quick, short-term fix.


Modernising IT for a Digital Era



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