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How to Boost Employee Engagement

Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

No matter how big your team, whether it’s 5 employees or 500, it is important to ensure their overall wellbeing while at work. There are always things you can do to in order to further improve your business, especially ensuring employee engagement and productivity.

Why is engagement so important?

It’s important for your staff to be in engaged in order to:

  • Boost productivity
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Maintain a consistently high standard of customer care

Below are 8 simple ways you can further boost productivity and happiness within your business.

Get to know your employees and their motivations

Take the time to get to know your staff members and what their driving motivations and goals are. Simply by listening, you demonstrate to your staff that you truly care about their wellbeing. Getting to know everyone on a first name basis in a large company may not be viable option, but there are other ways you can show your workers you are getting to know them. Take staff out to lunch every now and then, or simply spend time with them in the lunch break area. Little changes like this can have a massive impact and workers will be more willing to put in effort if you show you really care.


Empower your employees to realise their potential

Building confidence in your employees is important and a great way to do that is by putting them in a situation where they are not micromanaged. Giving them this room to choose their own path will help them to thrive personally. Take a step back and allow them to discover their full potential. Trust is essential and the added empowerment they will feel is worth it.


Take time to have fun

All work and no fun makes for unhappy employees. Get your staff to write down some things they like to do for fun. As a workplace, you can then work to complete some of these as a team. This can be as simple as organising a group BBQ at a local park, going to play paintball or a sporting day. This is great for team bonding and overall morale.


Encourage healthy competition

Some healthy workplace competition is a great way to bring employees together in a fun challenge. Of course, this doesn’t have to be about work related tasks, it can be as simple as football tipping. This will give employees something else to talk about besides work and helps to build positive relationships that also help employees to keep engaged.


Get charitable

Making donations or participating in charity events can leave your employees feeling empowered. Let your staff feel the joy of giving something back to the community whilst also working to boost morale. Not only will you be helping others, it will help your staff to feel good.


Be consistent with necessary training

In order to feel content and engaged at work, you need to know what exactly is expected of you in terms of roles and responsibilities. A big reason staff members can become disengaged is because they are unsure of the tasks they are required to complete. Basic and regular training is an ideal way to minimise any confusion over a role.


Provide feedback

Feedback is just as important as training to give employees an indication they are on the right track and providing ways they can develop further. Feedback works both ways of course, and it’s a good idea to let your staff know their voices are heard and their opinions are valid. Conduct surveys every so often and work at creating action plans together to improve your work environment. The more they are part of the process and the more you work to improve the workplace, the more they will remain engaged.


Conduct one on ones

Employees should be made to feel comfortable with voicing concerns or issues with their role that they are struggling with. Meeting with team members one on one on a regular basis can help employees feel valued and will prompt them to remain engaged and assess issues or obstacles that may be inhibiting them from reaching their potential.


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