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how businesses are using people analytics

How Businesses are Implementing People Analytics

The fresh trend in HR departments around the world is people analytics. In many organisations, such technology is being implemented as a way to power better profits on the biggest company investment there is – their own employees.

A 2015 report by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) titled ‘Trends in People Analytics’ recognised four key trends in the budding field of people analytics.

  1. Organisations are creating such analytics tools so that they can gather data insights from the employment lifecycle.
  2. There exists a mounting discontent with the present methods of governing data.
  3. Companies are investing more and more in technologies with analytic capabilities, creating targets and self-assessing how they compare to other companies.
  4. These companies are then taking the technologies’ forecasts one step further, asking what is it they want to do with the results they are seeing. They may, for example, use the data to help handle flight risk.

Staying up-to-date with the current trends in people analytics can be complex as it advances swiftly. If you’re after more information, have a look at another one of our recent articles, “Reconsidering Human Resources in an Evolving World”.

How businesses are using people analytics

Trends in People Analytics


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