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Characteristics of Your Greatest Employee – That You Haven’t Noticed Yet

As an employer or team manager, it’s easy after a while to spot those in the workplace who are marked for success. Their work ethic is on display, their results are well above the targets set for them, they don’t rock the boat and they always show up on time. These sorts of workers are the bedrock of any successful workplace, and it’s a blessing to have every one of them.

However, as the business success stories of this century continue to demonstrate, to become truly great a team needs more than just a solid foundation. Scattered among these exceptional teams are a few exceptional workers, individuals who may not fit the common mould, but who challenge and enhance those around them, raising the whole group to greater heights. Here’s how to spot them.

The unbridled power of workplace creativity

A worker who does what they’re told, when they’re told can be an amazing asset, but such an employee does place a burden on their superiors to be constantly “steering the ship”. Having an employee who thinks creatively and critically about their work can make management more challenging, but also effectively gives you an extra mind’s worth of ideas and review on your direction; if you trust these employees, they can realise fleeting opportunities or help avoid a rocky outcome you would not have seen coming alone.

Placing faith in a wildcard employee can feel risky at first, but the benefits extend beyond just themselves. Others in a team who see such initiative and individuality rewarded can be encouraged to work creatively as well, and soon enough you have a team of employees collaborating instead of simply passing work around.

Emotional intelligence is just as valuable as the other kind

For many workers, emotion is something they shelve on their way into the office. Certainly there often seems little point in expressing or acknowledging personal feelings regarding one’s work; it still needs to be done regardless of whether you’re sad, happy, furious or bored. But for those employees with high emotional intelligence, the emotions of those around them are easy to read and navigate, inseparable from the many small interactions they have with co-workers daily. Harness their talent for mediation and generating positive feelings and place them in positions where they can bring harmony to the team around them. Their public complimenting of others achievements, quiet acknowledgement of personal grievances and ability to act as a sounding board for difficult questions gives them a value beyond their individual productivity.

A well-balanced team has room in it for different people and different roles; make sure that your office door is open to them so you can benefit from their exceptional quirks.


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