You can easily and intuitively customise the onboarding and induction process to allow new employees to be registered and ready to start work days before their first shift.

No Data Entry

Roubler’s onboarding program automatically captures all employee details prior to the start of shift. Roubler intuitively pre-populates the employee profile based on the information provided in the application and sources any missing details directly from the employee. This feature not only completely eliminates your manual, data entry workload but also ensures that when your employees start work, they’re actually working and being productive.

Reduce admin costs

Roubler’s end-to-end workforce management service means that once the data is in the system, it never needs to be entered again. Roubler eliminates the frustrating paper trail by empowering candidates to enter their information at their own convenience, automatically reducing your admin costs.

Modern Mobile technology

The moment they download their roubler iPhone or andoird app, your new employee is building out their employee profile and engaging with your business

  • Communicate through in app messaging
  • Engage with each new employee via their mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Allow your new hires to complete their induction on the run or in the comfort of their own home