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  • Stop time theft

    Roubler’s sign in/out process is in real-time through its inbuilt, online timeclock. Roubler’s sophisticated technology can detect when an employee is within 15 metres of the workplace and sends a prompt directly to the employee to remind them to sign-in at the designated, on-site mobile device or through the candidate’s mobile device. Roubler ensures the sign-in coincides with the time of shift start, not the time that an employee entered on-site. By automating the timesheet process and using real-time data, Roubler stops time theft and saves you money.

  • Reclaim your time spent inducting and training

    Roubler delivers industry-specific induction and training programs to your employees online to ensure they’re always adequately qualified when on-site. Easily add your own induction or training program or alternatively, Roubler can access programs through your preferred provider using inbuilt third-party integration. Flexible and seamless employee inductions and training ensure your workforce productivity and performance levels are never compromised.

  • Avoiding making reactionary hires who aren’t the right fit

    Using inbuilt machine learning algorithms and online intelligence, Roubler assesses potential candidates. Roubler rates each candidate based on past job performance, suitability and workplace fit to distinguish which candidates are the best matched for your requirements. This ensures that you get the best, quality candidates who are the right match with your workplace.


If your business requires new staff fast, Roubler has your covered. Produce a job ad detailing exactly the kind of staff member you’re after for your business. Roubler will then share your ad on various job sites to ensure you have access to the best possible pool of potential employees.

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Running a food business doesn’t leave you much spare time for HR and administration. You don’t have time to sift through every job application for an open position. Roubler will take care of this for you. Our machine-learning algorithm gathers the top 10% of applicants based on their suitability to your role and workforce. Hire the perfect cashier, cook or waiter every time.

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Each role within a food and beverage company requires individual training. Roubler is designed to ensure each different member of your team is onboarded in the best way possible, with individualised training for each new employee. Have your new staffed member fully brief on all OH&S, hygiene, product information and workplace protocols on their first day.

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In the food industry, you have different peak times on different days. Certain staff are better suited to certain periods. So, how do you best roster for this? Roubler can generate multi-site rosters to provide the best performance/cost ratios. Our intelligent software can predict the best skill/candidate/cost mix, which ensures that your rosters always give maximum value at the best cost.

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Time and Attendance

In your industry, it’s not unusual to have more than twenty people in and out of your shop over peak hour. Manual data entry simply isn’t an option when there are so many hours to be logged. Roubler’s inbuilt time clock completely streamlines the process of T&A. Staff simply clock in and out of their rostered shift, and the manager can approve all hours in just moments. All data is transported into the payroll system for easy and hassle free wages.

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Business Intelligence.

Due to the transient nature of your workforce, it can be very hard to keep on top of the efficiencies of each staff member. Roubler makes it easy to track the performance of each employee, regardless of how long they’ve been with the company. Easily identify your top and bottom performers, and follow up. Keep your food and beverage business in tip top shape at all times, and enhance your proficiency and profitability.

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Fully managed payroll

With such complex rosters and a generally high number of staff, payroll can become a real pain – and a massive time-waster. Unless you have a dedicated payroll staff member, it is all too easy to make minor mistakes that can cost your company thousands in backpay and penalties. Avoid all the hassle with Roubler. We are experts in payroll, and will ensure a compliant, accurate, and on-time pay run every time.

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